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Over The​ Edge

Compact Frame Questions and Answers Section

Q:What is the advantage of compact frame compared to a one piece frame?

A: The biggest advantage is shipping cost savings. Since the frame comes in two pieces, it allows us to ship the compact frame in a much smaller box, thus reducing the dimensional weight charged to us by the shipping companies. Less dimensional weight means cheaper shipping costs that can be passed on to the customer. You will also have extra bracing support due to the second center brace

Q: What's the difference between the Compact frame and One Piece Frame?

A: The compact frame consists of two pieces whereas the one piece frame is a single piece. The compact frame has two center braces whereas the one piece frame has a single center brace. The compact frame has a small seam where the two pieces come together, whereas the one piece frame is seamless.

Q:I Noticed your one piece 48 x 18 frame fits a tank up to 47 ⅞” x 18”. Will the compact frame fit my tank that measures exactly 48” x 18”?

A: Yes it will!. Since the two pieces are cut from our existing one piece frames, the length of the compact frame can be designed to fit a tank longer than our one piece frame.

Q:Can both the width and length of the compact frame be custom cut?

A: Only the length can be custom cut. We cannot custom fit the width due to the molded in center braces

Q:Do you have to connect the two pieces together?

A: You do not have to connect the two pieces together. You would install both pieces on the tank separately in the same manner you would a one piece frame. Once installed, the two pieces will resemble a one piece frame with the exception of a small seam where the two pieces come together

Q:Where is the seam located?

A: The seam where the two pieces come together will be located near the middle of the front and back of the tank

Q:How is the compact frame made?

A: Depending on the size frame ordered, we will cut two of our existing one piece 36 x 12 or 36 x 18 plastic frames to get the two pieces needed for the compact frame